V Presented by KU DE' TA and Grey Goose

At KU DE' TA Club Lounge, Marina Bay Sands, 8 June 2013

Featuring Shortee Blitz (UK), Singapore, 9 May 2013

KU DE' TA and Grey Goose will be presenting a brand new series of parties that aim to inject vitality into the clubbing scene in Singapore and bring a night of world-class entertainment right to your doorstep. Enter V, a symbolic and avant garde night of pure and distilled pleasure.

A modern twist to the word, ‘vie', meaning life in French, V presents a larger than life experience with a strong emphasis on entertainment by only the top DJs of mainstream music from the most musically influential corners of the world. The new V series is an evolution of the highly lauded Blue Velveteen Sessions, featuring past international acts such as Andy Fletcher from Depeche Mode, Toolroom Records' princess of house music Gina Star, and Shakira's official French DJ and NRJ Radio resident Morgan Nagoya.

In his first appearance in Singapore, DJ Shortee Blitz (UK) will be stepping up to the plate and kicking the series off with a bang as with the first edition of V on Saturday 8 June 2013. Touted as UK's #1 hip-hop and club DJ and one of the urban scene's most popular personalities, Shortee Blitz's signature skills of cutting, scratching, mixing and consistently rocking the dance floor has earned him his own shows on London's Kiss FM for over twelve years and MTV Base. With his ardent support and contribution to the Hip Hop scene, he has been lauded with nominations for Best Radio DJ (U.M.A.) in 2007 and received the Best DJ award at the MOBO Awards in 2003, subsequently being recognised as UK's Best Hip-Hop DJ and Best Hip-Hop Personality.

Along with being a past main resident DJ at MOS (UK), Shortee Blitz has brought his innovative style to UK, Europe and around the world including Switzerland, Dubai, Kenya, New York and Australia, as well as regularly holding summer residencies in Ibiza and Cyprus. He has been invited to play for the biggest Hip Hop stars in the world including Jay-Z, Estelle, Mariah Carey, MTV Annual parties, Princes' Trust Urban Music Festival, just to name a few.

Experience a series of parties like no other with the first edition of V, featuring one of UK's biggest Hip Hop personalities Shortee Blitz, supported by KU DE´ TA

Resident DJs Yafifth and Suren.

V Presented by Grey Goose

featuring Shortee Blitz (UK) at KU DE' TA Club Lounge

Date: Saturday, 8 June 2013

Time: 9pm till late

Cover Charge: $38 (includes 1 drink)




The pride of Kunming and resident DJ DSK is no stranger to Singapore's wilder side. The beat-making maverick has travelled far and still says that it is one of his favourite places to spin his records. Like most hip-hop heads he has channelled his creative energies into spinning records, scratching and creating mixes that get people on the floor. DSK has been is a veteran of Spring City and has played international festivals, particularly throughout Europe and Asia. You only have to look at the battle scars of his passport to know he has lived the jet setting life style of an international DJ.

Now he has found the time to release his new album "The Dark Passenger" in 2013, in between a relentless schedule of live gigs. DJ DSK has collaborated extensively on this new material and has been in the studio working with Cambodia-based artist MC Gobshite. The man is always moving onto the next project to keep his music fresh and vibrant.

When asked about his favourite cities to play, DJ DSK was effusive about the crowds and the energy in South East Asia.

He said: “Every city has a different vibe and energy. It's always a pleasure to experience different places. India and Korea are very interesting, as is Taiwan. It has a relaxed vibe and the b-boy events I've done there have been amazing. Singapore is a favourite, as the crowd seems to enjoy more funky music and have great musical knowledge. My two favourite cities are still Phnom Penh and Bangkok for the craziness, the amazing vibe and the friendly, happy locals.”

“In China, it is difficult to say. But I probably prefer playing the smaller venues run by friends. At places like those I am a lot more free to play the music I love. So I would have to say The Mask here in Kunming. The owners, Alex and Catherine, have always been so supportive of me and we try to put on some special nights with music you don't usually hear in Kundu. It's a small bar so the dance floor gets sweaty and it has a really nice intimate feeling.”

Della Ding

Della Ding

Della Ding

Chinese pop star Della Ding has professed her love for Singapore and said she is thrilled to be performing on the stage there this summer. Deciding to venture into show business was an easy choice for Ding considering her background in music, but she had numerous options on the table. Being a big star with multiple music releases she could have chosen anywhere in the world to debut, any stage would take her on board. However she insisted on giving something back to the place she has come to love so dearly, the ‘lion city'.

This is why she has chosen to star in Glass Anatomy – The Musical which is playing at the Esplanade Theatre for a chunk of May 2013. Ding has the voice of an angel and will play the heroine Ah Mei in this highly stylised piece of theatre. Alongside her will be a cast of classically trained actors native to Singapore, and these will include Judee Tan, Audrey Luo, Rayve Tay, Sugie Phua, Julius Foo and Jeffrey Low.

Ding, 29, took the decision because she wants to give something back to her Singaporean fans who have been so kind and appreciative of her work in the past. She said: "I've been to Singapore more than 10 times for concerts and music awards in the last few years and I really love it here.

"Being an actress for the first time here will be a great chance for me to meet even more Singaporeans and allow them to be acquainted with me.Taking on the role of Ah Mei was an extremely exciting experience, but I was also nervous as acting was new to me.

"I love Singapore because the weather and food here is awesome - pepper crab, bak kut teh and char kway teow!"

New Video from The Animal Parade

New Video from The Animal Parade

New Video from The Animal Parade

The Singapore music scene is thriving in ways that contradict the idea that all bands need to get signed by a big label if they are to get their name known. One of the reasons behind this is the influence of social media on youth culture today. Ever since the advent of the internet sharing with people has become easier. Now social networks have replaced word of mouth and kids share their new music on this platform more than anything else, particularly on sites like Myspace. One video that has captured the zeitgeist perfectly is a new music video by The Animal Parade, called A Family Line, a Chinese New Year.

The song is a sweet sounding social commentary about the way girls feel pressured to get hitched before it is too late and they miss their opportunity, as if that is everything there is to life. The 24 year old Tan Siling got the idea for the song when it occurred to her that many girls felt the same way she did about these issues. Specifically, that people were focusing too much on getting a boyfriend and settling down into family life before their time. The song took two days to compose and in the hilarious video she performs with her fellow Singaporean band mates in a range of costumes.

Siling said: "CNY is looming for most girls out there, and it's a topic that often surfaces during conversations with family and friends.

The video opens with some dialogue between the vocalist Tan Siling and her real father in which he tries to convince her getting a husband should be her number 1 priority. She said: "The storyline was very impromptu, totally spontaneous.”

Then it cuts to the boy members of the group who are dressed in drag and singing with their guitars. One even dresses up like a gorilla later in the piece and Siling was obviously impressed with their comedic skills, saying: “The boys are hilarious to watch on a regular basis, so make-up and wigs really upped it 10 notches. I struggled to keep a straight face while filming.”

The video has received rave reviews and the comments box on YouTube has been in overdrive as people seek to congratulate the band on their innovative sound which skirts on some quite serious issues for young girls. Siling said: "We're quite overwhelmed by the support we've received.”