Welcoming Take Two into the House

Welcoming Take Two into the House

If you have not come across Take Two, you should probably check out their website right now because they are bringing up the Singapore music scene - https://taketwosg.bandpage.com

This is your atypical boy band with 5 members;

Vocals: Lee Yin Wei

Guitar: Johnathan Lim

Guitar: Tan Peng Sing

Bass: David Siow

Drums: Jeryl Yeo

They met in college and as music enthusiasts, they decided to turn their passion in music into something more – an established band. Initially being band members of Eusoff Hall and Kent Ridge Hall in National University of Singapore, they started jamming in the local night scene with their infectious guitar riffs and creative bass lines. They dominantly play songs that are known as “indie dance rock”. While being new addition to the music scene, they are certainly expanding with recent achievements - playing for SGMUSO's House Party and being winners of Supernova '13, a NUS music event that was held on August 23rd.

If you want to catch them, do check out their Facebook page regularly for updates.

Singapore Grand Prix – Formula 1

Singapore Grand Prix – Formula 1

Yes, yes we know it's happened but just to recap. The annual music event has been masquerading under the car racing event, the Formula 1. Every year, thousands of people throng the pit to squint at the F1 cars that would race by at an average speed of 321 km/h. Sponsors and forward-thinking companies maintain the event each year – everyone is happy and it is indeed an extremely lucrative race.

One of the highlights though (other than the racing event) is the music concerts that are held. Since the beginning of its inception in 2009, the entertainment highlights have been impressive and is getting more and more amazing each year. Music lovers congregate in this once-a-year event and head bang to their favorite artists.

With the tagline “one night only”, the 2011 line up featured Linkin Park, Glee cast, Charice and Mr. Shaggy with his unforgettable bass voice in Mr Bombastic. Different artists were invited to cater to the heterogeneous music groups and each Zone has fun-filled attractions that would keep ticketholders wanting for more. In 2012, Jay Chou, Katy Perry, Big Bang made the list – wowing fans even more while in 2013 we had Rihanna, Justin Bieber, the Killers and again, Big Bang.

A definite success, one wonders what Singapore Grand Prix – Formula 1 2014 will bring to us. Super early bird tickets are out already, aren't you waiting with bated breaths as well?

Clarke Quay In October

Clarke Quay In October

The month of October is an exciting one and I say it with fervor. The two events would definitely increase your heart rate, the Oktoberfest and Halloween are finally here! This is the month where drinking beer uninhibitedly and screaming out of fear would be okay.

There are numerous events being held in Clarke Quay and if you are looking for some upbeat fun, these definitely look fun. The Little Saigon's Howling Competition looks like a stress-reliever, no?

If you are not looking for any specifically themed events, then head over to the Highlander for their usual mix – here, you can drink your October's worth of beer in celebration of Oktoberfest!

Vanessa-Mae Olympic Dream

Vanessa-Mae Olympic Dream

Vanessa-Mae Olympic Dream

Something's go together naturally, like salt and pepper, Romeo and Juliet, strawberries and cream. But two things that you would not usually associate with each other are classical music and skiing. But one supremely talented violinist who was born in Singapore is hoping to combine the two in some small way and her name is Vanessa-Mae.

Having already mastered the violin to a great standard and performed in some of the most prestigious classical music venues, she has decided that she wants a new challenge in her life. This is why she is going to put down her instrument for a year and try to qualify for the winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The classically trained artist intends to compete for Thailand, a heritage she gets from her Father's side of the family.

She said: “I wanted to compete for Thailand because there is a part of me which I have never celebrated -- being Thai. My father, like most Thais, has never skied but he's really excited about me doing this as is the Thai Olympic Committee."

It seems when Vanessa-Mae, 34, sets her mind to something she has a steely determination to see it through to the end. And would you believe it, she has the ambition to compete in not just one category in the games, but five! These are all internationally recognised events which will be contested by athletes who have been training all their lives for this opportunity, including the giant slalom and the slalom.

The diminutive violinist said: "People are surprised when they see me skiing - a classical violinist, Oriental, who has lived in the city all her life. But it has been my dream to be a ski bum since I was 14. This is something I am determined to do."

Vanessa-Mae is extremely focused on this goal. So much so that she moved to Switzerland in 2009 to get closer to the slopes she needs to practice. Every day she trains on the Swiss alpine resort of Zermatt to ensure that she gets to an even higher standard. The goal is to qualify and can compete in the Olympics, a competition that is heralded as the ultimate achievement for any athlete.