Track up Your Mood

Track up Your Mood

"Of Monsters And Men" will be twitchy for almost a fortnight as for the very first time some of them will soon be performing on Manila stage, along with an anticipated return to Singapore. With their folk-pop melodies and lyrical verses, they undoubtedly are the highlight of your May schedule and finds a spot on your everyday playlist.

Listening to this Icelandic group pre-concert isn't just for the benefit of us practicing our hip-swaying and head moving. From soothing and calming, inspiring and refreshing to downright sad and weepy, their tracks from 2 albums depict many of the different moments we experience daily. Wouldn't it be nice to feel like you're in your own three-minute movie complete with Grammy-worthy soundtracks?

Apart from the much-loved gossips, here are more of the songs of Onam that is absolutely perfect and mundane in our lives:


Suitable when: Task-swamped at work

Because: Almost woeful, the song starts as heavy as that pit-in-your-stomach feeling you get through office stress. You get so indulge in it, though, it's as if Nanna is just there, your colleague dishing you a story about her newest adventure. Her tale is the only interesting thing than any of office gossip you have ever come across. And your boss isn't shutting you off for being noisy. (The accordion solo is a nice touch, too.)


Suitable when: Stretching for your workout session

Because: The steady beat of the bass drum would fall into place with you counting weights for each body part you stretch. This song gives off a vibe that makes you want to breathe healthy, slow and steady. Feel pumped-up for that quarter-minute jog as the band croons about running, dancing and moving.


Suitable when: Feeling homesick

Because: This might be one of the most beautiful ways to express your frustration and solitude. When already plagued with the most stressful things that you have to deal with (and in a new place nonetheless), half-scream the song's chorus -- then sing along.


Suitable when: On a ride when you are excited about a vacation from a long time

Because: The lines in the music already say road trips. Can't you feel the beat of the musical instruments that is engine revving? Their perfect lyrics act as a memento of freedom and friendship which is "compared to nothing with anything."


The most Suitable when: thinking of love and all of its complications

Because: There is very little things that are sad and is heart wrenching how one is forced to remember by their own body that how and when it all went wrong" It is a painful and prolonged time and process.


Suitable when: you have something disconcerting with you

Because: No matter whether it's a path that will decide your future, the size of the looming work that you want to complete or loud neighbourhood you have to endure, OMAM reminds you to feel brave and stand tall despite it all by his song's chill. After this track, you'll feel refreshed, buoyant and inspired, with the feeling that your world isn't coming to an end, certainly not at this point in time.


Suitable when: Having a bad day

Because: When nothing doesn't seem to be going your way. You're having a rough mood or the people near you are rude and mean of your life, then you'll definitely feel your heart being pulled and plucked as heavily as the string of a guitar in the song. The song is best titled with the best savoured with your eyes closed and visualizing the thought of caging those emotional animals within and winning over the human inside. 

Jimmy Eat World live in Singapore

Jimmy Eat World live in Singapore

4 March 2020 : Official Statement from Jimmy Eat World: In order to support the efforts of safeguarding the health of each and every one of you, THE FANS, as well as our band and crew, we are saddened to announce the cancellation of our upcoming shows in Singapore and Manila. Please refer to your point of purchase for refund information. We will be back soon!

Official Statement from Skesh Entertainment and Rockiss: Skesh Entertainment and Rockiss regret to announce due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation in Singapore, the concert on 14th March 2020 at The Coliseum, Resorts World Sentosa is cancelled. Eventbrite will start the refund process immediately. Ticket holders will be contacted via email with refund details. Customers can expect full refund back to payment source within 7 working days. (processing time depends on bank administration).... It sucks! There are many worse illnesses with much higher fatality rates which don't get all the hype like COVID-19.

What we previously wote:

Jimmy Eat World live in Singapore – Surviving: The Asia Tour 2020

Skesh Entertainment and Rockiss are stoked to welcome back one of the pivotal bands of American alternative rock music: Jimmy Eat World, returning to Singapore in March 2020 in celebration of their recently released tenth studio album, Surviving

Coming three years after 2016's Integrity Blues, Surviving is Jimmy Eat World's most personal, ambitious album to date. With 25 years and 10 albums so far, frontman Jim Adkins proves once again why he's one of the most prolific songwriters in rock & roll. Together with bandmates Rick Burch, Tom Linton and Zach Lind, Jimmy Eat World's hard-rocking melodies and killer lyrics have won over fans for more than two decades now, thanks to iconic tracks such as: ‘Bleed American', ‘The Middle', ‘Sweetness', ‘Pain', ‘I Will Steal You Back', ‘Always Be', ‘Sure and Certain' and many more.

If reviews of the band's current US tour run are anything to go by, Jimmy Eat World's Asia tour in March 2020 is not to be missed!

Home Town, Mesa, Arizona, USA

Band Members

Jim Adkins - Vocals, guitars

Tom Linton - Guitars, vocals

Rick Burch - Bass

Zach Lind - Drums

Record Label RCA

Show Info

Date: Saturday, 14th March 2020

Venue: The Coliseum™, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa / 8 Gateway, Singapore 098269

Starts: 8.00pm

Doors Open: 7.00pm

Ticket Price:-

Early Bird: S$88 (SOLD-OUT)

General Admission: $99

Rockiss Pass: $139 (Priority Entry, Commerative Laminate, Official Poster & Rockiss T-shirt)

At Door: S$119

All prices exclusive credit card and Eventbrite charges

All tickets free standing

Tickets available now at Eventbrite


Presented by Skesh Entertainment & Rcokiss

Media agency: Impact Entertainment Group

Support for arts and culture

Support for arts and culture

The National Arts Council from Singapore has officially provided financial backing to 62 registered cultural groups. Financial support was be given in 2016 via the Major Grant and Seed Grant schemes. A total of SGD16.2 million is allocated for the grants, making it a huge increase of SGD1.1 million compared to 2015. The grant which spans for a period of 3 years aims to develop Singapore's cultural scene by sourcing for the best talent and grooming future artistic managers. The grant is one of Singapore's strategies to showcase Singapore's culture to the world and cement its status as the world's leading cultural hub. Singapore hope the grant can help cultural groups identify upcoming talent in the dance performance, literature and drama scene and provide sufficient funding.

In 2016 alone, there will be 25 award recipients for the Major Grant scheme. Previously in 2014 and 2015, a total of 19 art organizations received the grant. The award recipients will be able to enhance their organization resources and have deeper pockets to develop new cultural ideas that can bring the Singapore community together. Some of the recipients are industry stalwarts such as TheatreWorks and Bhaskar Arts Academy. Among the recipient includes dance production companies and musical production companies. They are well-established and work hard behind the scenes to bring out the best in traditional and modern culture for Singapore.

In 2016 alone, there will be 5 first-time award recipients for the Seed Grant Scheme. Previously in 2014 and 2015, a total of 13 organizations benefitted from the scheme. Some of the recipients include Sing Lit Station and National Poetry Festival. The Seed Grant aims to help rising art companies and startups kick start their operations and launch future cultural programs. Visitors can visit the National Art Council website for a complete list of the recipient of the grants.

The Singapore Art Council's tactic of increasing financial funding is to nurture intermediary cultural associations which plays and important role in the development of arts industry. The Council is also placing huge emphasis on traditional arts with the result of 12 new traditional arts group receiving the grants. Singapore Art Council is happy with the success of the schemes as 8 former recipient of the Seed Grant are now qualified for the Major Grant in 2016. These groups, ranging from Hokkien cultural arts group to traditional photography group, have attained major growth from the success of their cultural programmes which were well received by the public.

The CEO of Singapore Art Council has been providing full support to the cultural arts scene in Singapore via the grant schemes. It is the personal aspiration of the CEO to ensure the financial backing continues and that the funding be able to provide further inspiration to content creators and cultural arts practitioners. The CEO hopes to see more support from the public audience including private corporations under the volatile economic environment. The grants were awarded to some of Singapore's best creative talents and it is in her wish that local public and continues their support. Singapore Art Council will be refining the Major Grant terms in order to encourage continuity in art development. The council will be working closely with the arts group in order to help broaden their income base and attract new target audience, without sacrificing artistic excellence.

The National Arts Council champions the arts in Singapore. By nurturing creative excellence and supporting broad audience engagement, our diverse and distinctive arts inspire our people, connect communities and profile Singapore internationally. We preserve our rich, cultural traditions as we cultivate accomplished artists and vibrant companies for the future. Our support for the arts is comprehensive – from grants and partnerships to industry facilitation and arts housing. The Council welcomes greater private and corporate giving to and through the arts so that together we can make the arts an integral part of everyone's lives.

The National Arts Council has been awarded the Singapore Quality Class with People Excellence Award in 2018. The award is a national recognition for organisations that are committed to achieving business excellence with a total approach to managing people and attaining high performance through its people systems.

Singapore Art Week is an annual celebration of visual arts which takes place in the month of January. Jointly organised by the National Arts Council, Singapore Tourism Board and the Singapore Economic Development Board, Singapore Art Week is the leading, go-to visual arts season in Southeast Asia, attracting both local and international visitors alike.

The eighth edition in 2020 will be held from 11 to 19 January. The nine-day celebration of the visual arts will take place in various venues across Singapore, from galleries and museums to art precincts and unconventional spaces.

Xinyao Heading Towards the Climax

Xinyao Heading Towards the Climax

Singapore Chinese folk-pop music, also known as Xinyao emerged in 1980s and according to singer-songwriter Liang Wern Fook, who is a pioneer in that genre, it shouldn't be just about nostalgia.

Innovations are required and for engaging new audience, it should be featured on new platforms, he adds.

For this reason, in November, pioneers of xinyao, Wong Hong Mok and Liang as well as Lee Wei Song, a famous composer will be featuring in a real life concert.

As a part of Crescendo, a new xinayo-themed drama, the snippets of filmed concert will be aired. The drama will debut in October on Channel 8. Liang, 50, a recipient of Cultural Medallion said that people are of the view that xinyao concerts just are able to attract middle-aged audiences. He also cited the movie That Girl in Pinaforce (2013), which included a xinyao soundtrack. That movue appealed to new immigrants and students who did not have any memory of xinayo. Liang spoke on Tuesday at a press event for the concert. He, Lee and Wong (better known as Huang Hongmo) will also appear in the drama. While the cast, including Ann Kok, Darren Lim and Christopher Lee, will be in character.

According to Liang, who is behind Singapore Pie and Xi Shuo Chang Liu (a xinyao classic), the set list of the concert is still in works. One thing is for sure, Liang is bound to give a fresh spin on classics. For instance, it can be a duet new talents such as the local singers Bonnie Loo or Ling Kai or with “old friends”, Lee and Wong. Wong, who has been turning the Chinese poems of local poets into famous songs and made a great impression with his self-written title track of also his debut album, will also sing his new compositions.

Although the tunes from South Korea and Taiwan are prominent these days on the Asian music horizons, but he isn't discouraged. Wong says that the composition should not be stopped just because of the reason that they are not being given due attention and it should also be determined that why the listeners have been turning to other songs instead of xinyao. He also says that they can start over and find some suitable new material. If the songs are good they will surely gain traction and back then they did not know that xinyao would be able to get so much attention of the listeners.

Lee, 47, says that he would like to make his contribution to local music by utilizing his abilities to groom the new talent. He and Si song, his twin brother, have mentored the Singapore's Mandopop singer Stefanie Sun. Singer-songwriter Ling Kai, their new protégé has appeared last year on Sing My Song, a reality TV singing show of China's CCTV.

The Lee brothers are widely considered to be established hit-makers, having written songs for famous Asian pop heavyweights like Jacky Cheung and Jam Hsiao.

Lee also says that even the local Singaporean behind-the-scenes talent, musicians and music arrangers are sought after by the overseas singers. So they need to believe that there is no shortage of talent in Singapore.