Manfred Lim

Manfred Lim

April 2018 latest news: Gentle Bones & MYRNE's B4NGER PROJECT album out now on all digital platforms. Manfred Lim, or as known as MYRNE, is a Singaporean music producer which often heard this day. He has launched an amazing track release on 2015, like Horned-rimmed Glasses, Artisan, and Croix. His mainstream goes to the electronic local underground scene. He has released his EP (referred to Extended Play) on October 2015, under recording label of Mad Descent entitled Softsins. This EP has made his name climbed up to the top row of Singaporean music artists and DJ.

His big name has been captured by media and make a lot of people interest coming up for him. Also, he has pulled an anxiety of Ryan Hemsworth and Slow Magic to test his ability in music as a DJ and a newly risen beatsmith. His already big name doesn't make him to just sit and relax on his kingdom of fame. Otherwise, he also busied to produce a lot of tracks, including solo and a collaboration with a lot of artists on this couple of months. Anxious? We can see his bustle activity through his SoundCloud pages.

He also made a new EP under Buygore, a Los-Angeles based record label. This EP entitled Fundamentals, containing four tracks which he has made a collaboration with many risen producers from around the world. These are their list: Fzpz from Singapore, Revazz from Washington D.C., Gill Chang from North Carolina, and Holly from Lisbon. This EP is going to be easy to recognize and be cool on the dance floor.

A smooth blend of R&B, future pop and mainstage energy, MYRNE garners fans in both the realms of easy listening and heavy bass alike. His energetic live shows, coupled with his years of classical training has planted him at the forefront of electronic music's newest wave. MYRNE said that this EP has something interesting, that the audience can clearly hear the different style and the influence of each producer on every track. Here are MYRNEs impression for every track of his new unreleased EP:

Flexion - Collaboration between MYRNE and Fzpz; MYRNE said that this track has motivated him to get this EP into a motion. Fzpz has influenced their collaboration to create an atonal synth and an epileptic beat. Chasm - Collaboration between MYRNE and Revazz; This track is brilliant, dominance by rhythm and heavy hitting on synthesizers. He said that Chasm always be a “restroom” tracks for a lot of time when he has to become a DJ, due to its dynamical changing every minute, which will not make everyone get bored. Pretty Things - Collaboration between MYRNE and Gill Chang; This track is said to be slower in the tempo than another usual track of MYRNE because he has inserted the concept of changing the negative space to become an energy lift up. That's better than filling whole space filled with sound, he said. The last track comes up with Rackhead - Collaboration between MYRNE and Holly; Holly has produced a ton of tracks, that he has uploaded as much as 165 tracks in full length. MYRNE said that he is a “Production Monster”. He's really eager to know what kind this track of their collaboration would be like since he had put a lot of experiments on it. And the results are racks, with the bit crusher, the distortion, and the cabinet, which from it has come to the idea for their title of this track.

KIDS, The band

KIDS, The band

On a Friday night in March, by 8:30 pm and I was at Legendary Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles eagerly awaiting the restoration of Florida rock / emo band further seems forever. I moved from Singapore through the international date landline, and it took me 15 hrs and over 14,000km to reach the sunshine state, only to watch their performance of their second album which they did with Jason Gleason, my favorite singer. With the local opening band, in fact swelling crowd now as the band close to their musical heroes. "I wonder who these are" kids," My concerts partner that night joked with me about the next band, with the impression revealing the meaning of the two questions. I smiled patiently as he makes more jest about their names.

I know nothing of them, and I know that you can get me acquainted with them. Soon, the curtain rises and standing at the center stage are six youths who are ready to give us a demonstration. Then they started playing -At a point, we realize that these children are more than their name can show. The rock band independent of South City Beach Fort Lauderdale, Florida, KIDS was established on friendship, sealed by brotherhoods, and are joined by music and creativity. Since it was established in 2012, with Josiah Sampson Matthew Barrios (drums) Christian Gonzales (Guitar) and Joshua Diaz (vocals / bass), the band has been expanded to include keyboardist and percussionist AJ woomer and Donald Johnson the trumpeter. In 2011, the original band of brothers –who are already friends and co-jam for a number of years - decided to separate from one another as their musical journey reached a crossroads: Emotions as if they were losing their authenticity, and they are the first to question the purpose and meaning in music which is supposed to bring joy -.

And afterward would they say they were simply proposed to follow Convention? The inquiry concerned the checking of their instinct for answers; and when they at long last met weeks after, each characteristically realized that they would not move in the opposite direction of what they knew that they generally cherished. The Band talked their mind in a meeting with Ground sounds in 2015: "they all had the same thing to say: You can't stop being who you are. Regardless of how any of us has grown up; we will dependably compose and play the music. We can't stop that. If not professionally, we will remain craftsmen until the end of our lives. "and making a citation from Picasso that included how they feel ("All youngsters are craftsmen, the issues is remaining a craftsman when they grow up "), their prevalence as kids was energized by the craving for aggregate articulation of honest to goodness opportunity of workmanship, to take the authentic adoration for their specialty and music and offer with genuine people."We do what we love, and if it implies that we are conversing with individuals, so wonderful, "Diaz replied during a 2015 meeting with MySpace, "and, if not, we will in any case be upbeat.”

I don't know anything about the kids when they made that big appearance and had not heard any of their tunes before their introduction implied that all these new ears have had no trust. In this way, as the principal harmonies of "Man on the Moon filled the room; I understood that this set will be something uncommon.

Music manipulated by Adventure

Children, in general, are quite mindful of their own and wrapped in different dimensions of thought, they often march to the beat of their drum. Like children, to revive the passion for their art is meant to do things their way. Although in spite of many musical influences shared between the band, from the country to 80s – even an element fundamental to all, loyalty "life", as shown by Sampson in 2013 interview with The New Times Broward Palm Beach - the heart of all that, they only wanted to be authentic, to be like themselves.

After receiving attention at the beginning of 2013 for their first EP, Sink or Swim (especially this excellent music video under the correct name of a song), the band wanted to do more to "Translating feelings into music" and "to convey the feelings, rather than just sound or story. Diaz explained the process that finally set the course for the creation of their new album. "Whenever we write, we confine ourselves in in an isolated place, and the impacts are that our sound is as authentic as possible. They want their music to be influenced by adventure; then they went on adventures. If they want their music to be inspired by the mountains, then they went to the hills. "

In summer 2013, the band entered the weekdays-trip” crossing the pines In Chattanooga, Tennessee, in the mountains of northern Georgia, checking for inspiration, using the turn experiences sentiments, all arrangements to offer life to tunes that were made. Different things like outdoors and climbing Appalachian Trail ", the four searched for refuge and asylum in a hotel in Hawk Mountain, Georgia, where they have to "lose correspondence with the world, and to dodge them, with them."Where, They Also saw "spaghetti praiseworthy Western films and Kung Fu calm "while conforming a kind of creating" oval (essayist) Robert Frost and researcher Henry David Thoreau "."This is wonderful," said Gonzales In a suitable contribution in 2015 meeting with All Access Music, "Leaving our lives full and devastate reality ... create a tune with his associates as could sensibly be normal, you can't hint at change than some other. "

Band owes quite a bit of their time

In the wild, to guarantee that there is no experience not checked and prepared. "art implies the elucidation of genuine encounters, "they contemplated," We constantly; so we write constantly. The views of the mountains always seems to boost particular kind of song the time when we all were competing with others for the Appalachian Trail, running and jumping boulders, gaps, and holes the feeling of abandonment that there must be when jumping over a waterfalls, or sliding down on a natural rock slide ... all they did on this trip made it into the records. ""We could not wait to get into the studio." Barrios said continuation of enterprise on the band's narrative The Making of Costa Rica, "the nervousness that we are going to Chattanooga and seeing.

All that we have done we are blasting ". The entire band appeared to lead itself not as artisans, but rather Storytellers: remaining some time recently. The crowd with the desire to share their stories with anyone who is ready to listen - and most of the audience that had sit up slightly straight to show that they are attentive audience it was a great treat to watch them again; It was easy to see that they love their songs as they enjoy playing them with us, not how many times you may have done in the Tour. Members of an account set up to meet him, even when their music voices weave the fabric of the room, so many things happening immediately: the beat of the music, the heads nodding to the rhythm and turning on the quality or launching a mixture of different materials, fingers and fists flying, feet hardly stay still. The Experience is too much to contain at a yet it is, especially appealing to many cloying - in fact, I am enjoying everything all.

Evolution of UB40

Evolution of UB40

Many people are confused with British pop band UB40. The first version of the band was disbanded when lead singer and vocalist Ali Campbell quit the original member group to seek a brand new solo career. In 2013, Mickey Virtue, the lead keyboardist and Astro, the lead percussionist joined Ali to form a new band named We Are UB 40. Tickets purchased for UB40's live performances will actually be performed by We Are UB 40 members. The new group has one original member of the UB40 cast. There is some legal complication behind the change in group name but many are not concerned as long there are good music produced.

The 2nd reincarnated UB40 version headed by the three group team live up to their expectation as they put up a wonderful and amazing Saturday night performance at Marina Bay Mastercard Theatres, back in 2016. The trio was supported by a seven member band and they put up a glorious performance for two full hours filled with reggae music with a mix of fusion pieces. They went from their past golden chart topping music right to music materials from a brand new album called Silhouette.

The opening was full of energy and dynamism. UB40 started the evening performance with a lovely cover of their 1991 hit song, followed by the wonderful melody of Chi-Lites and Homely Girl. The group's main 3 member team and the seven member band played their respective instruments with extreme precision. Jaunty grooves accompanied the songs that pierced right through the soul. Perfect equilibrium was maintained for the rhythm of each song. The concert presented a revitalized and renewed UB40. In the concert, they updated many popular 80's music materials with modern patches and at the same time preserving the original tune and flavor. This new UB40 version was delighted to carry on the name of the band. They had lots of fun on stage and long queues can be seen outside the drink counter. Every single member of the audience had been enjoying with them.

Astro shouted a question asking the member audience whether they were having a great time. Everyone screamed “Yes” in agreement and threw their support physically by raising their hand high up. Red wine was almost spilled on the table. The band's latest materials were pleasing to the ears. Silhouette was a great cover as well in the classic segment. However, the most popular song is from their Labor of Love album. Campbell showed his affection to the audience by screaming the he wants to listen to louder cheers, before starting on the many hit songs such as Cherry Oh Baby.

The band enjoyed commercial success by re-producing existing music and songs. They have also many original covers in their production room such as Fijian Sunset. Cyber Bully Boy, a new song as well received heartwarming reactions as it is about lead singer Campbell's past experience of being bullied by the original member of the UB40. Despite the harsh meaning behind the songs, the band never displayed any grouses publicly and continued performing with class.

The highlight of the performance was specially booked for the finale which includes “I Cannot Help To Fall in Love”, Red Wine and Kingston Town. UB40 had a very huge avid fan base and many could not believe their own eyes to see their musical heroes on stage giving their best. Even only 3 authentic members present, it was as close as anyone can get to UB40. It does not matter which band name they select, it will always be clear UB40 will resume their career and glory by making a good name within the reggae and pop music scene for many years to come.

Getai Group

Getai Group

It was in 2015 when Timothy De Cotta, Carmen Low as well as Lionel Ang discovered the Getai Group. They have exerted so much effort in trying to pursue the local arts as well as the music world to its new ventures. This group has made it to the top all the time whenever they join some events like the Getai electronica, Getai Holidays, Getai Mash+Ups to name some. Their viewpoint is very inspiring, since it has been focused on reaching the Singaporeans and make them believe and love all their original arts. It has persuaded to see them lured to more than 10,000 who have attended the local centric and other alternative themed events for the previous years.

The Getai Group is even eager in attending some concerts and parties, even those that were thrown at a beaten path venue. Their efforts never stopped and so do their rigid programming, even if it has slowed off, however, they have fueled a healthy and well appreciated culture in boosting the Westernized community. The discussion has focused on the passion of the Getai Group's co-founder and they're one of a kind bassist Tim De Cotta. How everything has been built together, their objectives, their dream, the challenges that they have gone through, how they faced the Getai Soul in 2016 and the dependable individuals behind their success.

It was Tim who courageously talks about how the Getai Group started. He took back the people to where they began. As he tells it all, Getai Group is an outcome of a soaring struggle and hard work. It was Getai Electronica that took them into the limelight. It was their very first big event that they were not familiar with and never expected things to be that big. During those times, Lionel Ang as well as Carmen Low who planned to put up the Lepark had a chance to be involved in the TAJ that happened in January. It was a show that the group is conducting at the Esplanade Waterfront Stage. It was for the benefit of a show entitled All Things New. They fell in love with it right away and then move towards the rooftop show. Tim just said yes to this show without even having second thoughts, he uttered.

How did he feel about it? It was a mixture of probabilities as well as the chance to have an added experience as well. But the truth is that, it may have been noted down if it occurred over a year back, since Tim never knew who they were in the first place, he also didn't know about the predictions as well as the sources they have had. However, there was something that just enabled him to pursue the event and say yes. They exchanged phone numbers and after a week's time, Tm went to the Lionel to the rooftop of the People's Park Complex. This is where they have been blown away. How about the primary Getai Electronica event took place? TAJ has been an apple of the eye, said Tim. To this day, they are still considered as a family as they released their debut EP a week back prior to the Getai Electronica event that occurred on February 7 of 2015.

There was also a realization when he was on the rooftop. He has thought of if it will just be a mess to just have a particular band with the use of an incredible place, particularly with the city skyline sight. So he came up with a mini concern, it was a ghetto style for 5 bands to join. It was from 5pm-10pm. He contacted who he thought will work perfectly for this show and in 2 days' time, he got confirmations from Disco Hue, GIF, Spacedays, TAJ as well as the The Good Life Project. All of these take place just 1 week before the said event. It was just so simple to promote the show that will be held at the rooftop to anyone. It has been so basic for me.

Tim, Carmen and Lionel banded together to pull over their means as they come in contact with the F&B, marketing and sounds, however, they did not really do so much and before they knew it, the rooftop party was just spreading all through the social media. It was all because of the Coconuts as well as the Bandwagon who took up all of it. They are the ones that spread the news to the other online editorials and through social media. It was very surprising how soon the people were able to take the news and more media are asking about it through their online portals. It was just so surprising, knowing that all have been roughly prepared and it was just all a Do It Yourself preparation.

They were all shocked at that point, knowing that they have used the basic tools, which they carried. They also just use some crates to complete the stage setup, all of the musicians who joined us carried the crates and stacked all of them as well. It was just all basic, from the concepts to the execution of the musicians who joined them. It was just a joyful event knowing that they did what they have to do under the heat of the sun. They also do the setup of the stage and at that point in time, they do not have any idea of what is in store for them. However, there has been a belief in what they do. Who would think that a DIY event like this will gather more than two hundred people at the onset of the night. As the night went on, there were more than a thousand people all relaxing and enjoying the night. It was just so amazing to see them having fun with the groups.