What’s in Store for You?

What’s in Store for You?

With the constant progression in technological advances, being a self-reliant working musician has never been easier. There's no need to invest thousands of dollars in recording equipment when in the era of DIY, it's worth checking to see what's out there to assist you in building your music career. Here are some delights from the App Store.

Band of the Day by 955 Dreams Inc. This a great app for discovering new music and even showcasing your own music across a huge audience. Every day a new artist is introduced and you can listen to not only them, but the back catalogue of all previously featured artists. You can create a mix tape from your favourite songs and share your new discoveries across social networks. Compatible for iPhone and iPad.

SG Radio by Just2Me Currently the only app to provide seamless streaming for all of the 19 radio stations in Singapore. And it's free! Compatible for iPhone and iPad.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs by Ultimate Guitar The working guitarist doesn't have to carry around a thick catalogue of music when it all fits nicely into one device. The App boasts 400'000 songs in its directory and is constantly expanding. A nice addition to any session musician's kit. Compatible for iPhone.

Ear Worthy by Daniel Ho Every sight reader's dream. The App trains you to have perfect pitch and develop the ability to recognise notes, scales, chords and intervals. Singers could also use the App as a pitch reference tool. Compatible for iPhone and iPad.

Garageband by Apple Inc The ability to record practice sessions, gigs and ideas is essential to any musician and Garageband takes it a step further. You can plug straight into the App and record sound at a professional level and then edit it all together. If the rest of your band have compatible technology you can all participate in a live recording/jamming session which is great for producing ‘live' albums. Compatible for iPhone and iPad

Shazam Encore by Shazam Entertainment Limited The app can identify songs in as little as one second so you can quickly capture snippets of songs that you like and purchase the song to keep. You also have the ability to check artist touring dates, Shazam charts and streaming lyrics to read whilst your newly tagged song is playing. Compatible for iPhone.

Ringtone Maker by Zentertain Ltd. What better way to promote your own music than by having it as a ringtone? The app will allow you to make a ringtone out of any song in your library, so if your phone happens to strategically ring in a crowded place, you could end up with a new fan! Compatible for iPhone.