Tune in to Tunes

Tune in to Tunes

Singapore has 19 radio stations which cater to a large variety music tastes and content specifically for different demographics of its population. Here is a comprehensive guide to all 19 stations and a brief outline of the content they provide (listed in order of transmission frequency; lowest to highest).

883JiaFM Chinese and English language, news, traffic, pop music and weather.

88.9 BBC World Service English Language, News and Discussions.

Ria 89.7FM Malay, English and Arab content, music, news, contemporary.

Gold 90.5FM English language, plays hit songs from the 1960s - current music trends.

HOTFM91.3 English language, music charts, contemporary content and discussions.

Kiss 92FM English language, plays hits ranging from the 1980s to modern day songs.

Symphony 92.4FM English language, currently the only Singaporean radio station dedicated exclusively to classical music

Y.E.S 93.3FM Chinese Language, Chinese pop music, broadcasts 24 hours a day

938 LIVE English language, news and discussions

Class 95FM English Language, best of charts from 1980 - present

Capital 95.8FM Chinese Language, news, music, discussions and entertainment

XFM 96.3FM Mixed Language - Japanese, Hindi, French, German and Korean content.

Love 97.2FM English and Chinese Language, music from the 80s and 90s

Power 98FM English Language, pop music, classic hits and news

987FM English Language, contemporary music

Lush 99.5 FM English Language, chill out, easy listening, house, vocal jazz music

UFM 1003 Chinese Language, news.

Warna 94.2FM Malaysian Language, Islamic content, music and discussions