Singapore-based HyperLive Entertainment

Singapore-based HyperLive Entertainment

HyperLive Entertainment, a Singapore-based tech-enabled creative media company today announced a landmark strategic cooperation with Nova Esports, a Hong Kong-based professional esports organisation managing various esports teams which have won multiple world championship titles, to pilot Nova's esports program in the region. is a niche TV platform that combines music, entertainment and lifestyle events.

The strategic cooperation with Nova will see HyperLive establish a Nova Southeast Asian headquarters in Singapore, which includes plans to build an esports academy in the island nation, produce captivating esports content on its OTT-licensed media platform,, as well as to start an esports team that will compete with the best teams globally in esports tournaments. The intended team name is Nova SG, and Nova SG will be based in Singapore. Further, Nova Esports will offer its experience and expertise as well as provide coaches and training regimes for the academy and its players.

Dr. Sean Wong, CEO of HyperLive, said: "We are truly excited about the synergistic partnership with Nova Esports. We have identified esports as a key market that has massive potential for growth in the upcoming years, thus with Nova on board, we are extremely confident that we can achieve incredible breakthroughs in esports."

Nova Esports, founded in 2016, has been the dominant force in the mobile esports scene in recent years, being the first team to win back-to-back world titles in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship for 2020 and 2021 and clinching titles for other games such as Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Arena of Valor. Its line-up boasts some of the top names in esports, including poster boy Zhu "paraboy" Bocheng (PUBG Mobile World Champion), Ceng "Order" Zehai (PUBG Mobile World Champion and MVP) and Huang "Lciop" Chenghui (Clash Royale World Champion).

Singapore has been a thriving hub for esports events recently and with the support of Nova, more opportunities will arise, creating greater positive impact in the industry. The stage is set for professional esports players with tournaments sprouting both locally and regionally, with prize pools snowballing to over a million dollars at times. Clubs in Singapore have been collaborating with Esports venues to host local tournaments for local players to participate in.

One such collaboration is ECHAMP 2021, a partnership between NTUC Club and The Gym to host what was termed "the most lucrative Mobile Legend: Bang Bang (MLBB) tournament" in Singapore. Given the level of interest in MLBB, it comes as no surprise then, when Wong mused about Nova SG's venture into the game, "Nova is predominantly strong in titles such as PUBG Mobile and Clash Royale. With MLBB currently being one of the most popular mobile esports games in Southeast Asia, Nova Sg is certainly keen to explore this opportunity."

There are also further plans in place to expand Nova's operations regionally to countries such as Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand, where the gaming communities are growing exponentially. There is enormous potential for talent recruitment while at the same time, establishing Nova's brand equity and market presence.

HyperLive is a tech-enabled creative media company specializing in the production and distribution of interactive, entertaining media content to create brand value and digital intellectual properties. is a licensed niche television platform that combines music, entertainment and lifestyle events with highly interactive features that make for an exclusive and engaging viewing experience.

Nova is a mobile-focused esports organization committed to empowering individuals through a supportive team environment. We pride ourselves on bringing together a team of individuals with a passion for gaming, each with unique strengths and expertise. From winning major live events and organizing significant online leagues, to dominating in game rankings. Nova consistently excels in the mobile esports arena and believes in catering to a diversity of regions and cultures. With numerous top 10 in game global teams and a multitude of top ranked regional clans. Nova has representation in every major esports market in the world.