A Hub of Inspiration

A Hub of Inspiration

A Hub of Inspiration

Nothing inspires beautiful melody or lyrics more than being surrounded by like-minded people and the industry's finest talent. Many of them gather at Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay.

The majestic design of aluminium and glass sits proudly on the bay and is one of Singapore's finest architectural attractions. The locals nickname it ‘The Durians' because of its resemblance to the spiky fruit, or from above it can look like the eyes of a fly. It's a much talked about and photographed building and that's only the outside!

The real magic happens inside. It is the place in Singapore to not only listen to the best live music but also to see a variety of shows, plays and exhibitions

There's much to take in as it boasts over 20 different spaces dedicated to various performances. Most notably, the Concert Hall has award winning acoustics and seats 1'600, and their horse-shoe shaped Theatre can accommodate 2'000. As well as many spaces available to rent for both performances and rehearsals there are creatively decorated tunnels and passages where artists can showcase their work.

Tours are offered around the venue and you can opt for either a guided tour or an iTour. A guided tour is for small groups who can wander around and explore the space together and learn about the one of a kind architecture. Or if you fancy exploring on your own you can take your own iTour which involves carrying around a Personal Digital Assistant who will relay anecdotes and useful information.

Unlike most upmarket venues Esplanade doesn't impose a formal dress code and advises that you bring warm clothing to comfortably enjoy your experience with.

Housed inside, The Esplanade Mall is an oasis to any musician as it provides a shopping experience which has a wonderful ‘artsy' vibe to it. The guitar and violin shops are mesmerising additions to the collection of outlets and attract some of the finest musicians on the continent to purchase their instruments there.

The restaurants and cafes are frequented by industry people and they are hotspots for upcoming talent in the performing arts. If you are in the music industry and would like to mingle with like minded people, a cup of coffee at Esplanade could prove to be the starting point of a new friendship or songwriting partner. Community is valued and encouraged. A true hub of inspiration for those in the performing arts.